Hi everyone! It is so nice to meet each and every one of you! My name is Rachelle Iszler, otherwise known as Shelly Iszler. I currently live in Spearfish, South Dakota, about an hour and a half from Mount Rushmore, as a point of reference. I have twin 12-year-old girls, Ella and Ava, along with my supportive husband Wade. I can tell you there is not a day that goes by without my family hearing some fact about color analysis! I even receive constant updates from my girls on what season each of their classmates are

Color analysis is my total passion! I live it and observe its power every day! I love seeing the radiance and confidence it brings to each person when they wear their correct colors, harmonizing with their own natural coloring. 

I met Lora Alexander about seven years ago as she color analyzed me. I could see how incredibly valuable color analysis was and began training with Lora right away. I can tell you Lora is one of the Very best in this business. I had no idea she would become one of my very best friends and business partner! I simply adore her! 

It gives us both such joy to help people understand what specific colors will illuminate their own skin, hair, and eyes and give them their own natural glow! Everyone is beautiful when wearing their correct colors! We are so excited to meet each of you and help you to understand the Power of Color and the Radiance it will bring to each of you! 

Rachelle Iszler (A Dusty Soft Spring)


Hello! I’m Lora Alexander and currently I live in northern Illinois with my four fur babies named Zoey, Blue, Chloe, and Rocky. I own www.prettyyourworld.com which talks about color analysis, color theory, and other related topics. It is our ‘parent’ site.

Rachelle and I have talked countless hours over the years about color analysis, makeup, fashion, and other topics so we thought that having our own blog to write these thoughts down will be helpful to other color aficionados such as yourself.

 It’s also the place to join our Color Club which allows you to buy our Pretty Your World makeup! We will be adding to items to our Color Club store and we will keep you informed as we try to launch our own color-coded clothing line in 2018! 

 In case you didn’t know, Rachelle’s observations about color analysis planted the idea into my mind that eventually grew into The ColorBreeze Color System. She is one of the best, most observant color analysts out there. I am blessed to have found such a passionate, talented business partner. But more importantly, I'm grateful to have her a dear friend. 

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if there are any particular topics you’d like to hear about.

Lora ( A Warm Autumn)

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