What is Kate Middleton's Season?

I've finally come to a conclusion about Kate Middleton that I feel pretty confident about. I didn't before. And I may get people who disagree with me (I'm used to that).
I've seen Kate color analyzed in so many different seasons by so many different people. My assessment is that Kate is a Toasted Soft Winter! Those not yet familiar with the ColorBreeze system can just think of her as a Soft Winter.
I struggled between a deep soft summer or a soft winter. I looked at a lot of photos of her. The photos I saw of her that seem the most flattering are those where she is wearing deep yet soft/muted colors. And they must be cooler than warmer. Here are the photos I think she looks best in:  

I realize that there are many photos of Kate where her hair and eyes can look warm. And this is why I said she was a "Toasted Winter" since there is some visible warmth in her. But I feel that again, her skin in particular, she has cool undertones primarily.

Debating between Summer and Winter, I was almost sure she was a deeper soft summer. But her eyes have just enough sparkle in them to put her into the Winter category, in my opinion. 


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